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OPV Trends and Analysis Report 2016

The market for offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) is buoyant as countries seek to modernise, upgrade, and replace platforms to keep up with the pace of technology change and the evolving threat spectrum. Their multi-role capabilities also makes them a popular choice for militaries and governments as they seek to get more bang for their buck.

Ahead of the Offshore Patrol Vessels conference (14 – 16 September, 2016 - Glasgow, UK), Defence IQ commissioned a survey of naval experts and industry professionals to gauge how the market is evolving and to identify the key trends in the market over the next ten years.

Based on a survey of 429 industry experts and military stakeholders, this report looks to analyse the data and provide an insight into the OPV market. It focuses on the key challenges for modernising the platforms, looks at the potentially game-changing new technologies coming to market, the benefits of modularity, and the regional markets targeted for growth.

OPV Holdings and Requirements Report 2016

Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) are the fastest growing segment of the Naval Vessels Market. At least 36 countries are known to have a total of 167 OPVs on order and 28 countries have plans for up to another 239 at a total value of over $60 billion. The total number of OPVs on order has increased by 23% in the last year, although the number planned has decreased by 13% as plans have transferred to orders.

The total number of OPVs in operation worldwide has increased from 776 to 839 in the last year, a growth rate of 8%. Around 87 countries now operate OPVs or have them on order. Asia has the largest proportion of the current fleet (46%) and the numbers on order (49%). Japan and India have 46% of the Asian vessels between them, while India alone has 25% of the total vessels on order worldwide.

Find out more about the current holdings and requirements by downloading the report now. 

OPV Procurement Map 2016

This map reveals the latest known OPV and Warship requirements globally and details all current holdings. Similar to the Holdings and Requirements Report but meant to be used as a graphical representation that can be used as a quick reference tool.

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Attendee Registration Form

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Interview with Damen: The Rising Popularity of Offshore Patrol Vessels

The Offshore Patrol Vessels market is booming. It is set to hold a 27% share over the next ten years in the global vessel market. While many countries cannot afford the guideline to put 2% of their GDP into NATO’s overall budget, the focus has been put on navies and coastguards around the world to respond to potential disputes, such as the growing influence of the Russian Navy in the Balkans or to assist during humanitarian crises.

Read our exclusive interview on the industry’s insight into the overall OPV Market with Mr Piet Van Rooij, manager design and proposal at Damen Shipyard HQ in Gorinchem, Netherlands.


Worldwide Survey Results 2017: Offshore Patrol Vessels: Analysis of an expanding sector in a struggling market

The tense atmosphere particularly in the Mediterranean Sea, the Balkans, the North Korea waters and the South China Sea, coupled with the multiple low-cost capabilities offered by offshore patrol vessels are key factors behind their increasing success. We surveyed more than 300 experts from around the world, gathering all the latest views on the current OPV market, its opportunities and limitations, ahead of the 12th edition of the Offshore Patrol Vessel conference, the longest running and most successful event of its kind.


Introducing Ireland's Samuel Beckett-class: Rear Admiral Mark Mellett

August 2014
With last year's event held in Dublin, Ireland, Rear Admiral Mark Mellett of the Irish Defence Forces (and the conference chairman), explained to Defence IQ the reasoning behind the introduction of the new Samuel Beckett-class OPVs in this podcast. He also discussed the construction of the vessel with an eye towards climate change, cost-efficiency in a complex maritime environment, meeting emerging threats, and revealed his key to working effectively with industry partners and shipyards.


Piriou Shipyard launches new ‘B2M’ vessel for French Navy

August 2015
French shipbuilder Piriou has launched the first of four new light, multi-role, oceanic vessels for the Marine Nationale (French Navy) from its shipyard in Concarneau, Brittany. Read more...

Uruguay working on tender for new OPV requirements

March 2014
Uruguay is looking at the option of leasing offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) under a tender that French company DCNS is exploring...

Philippine Coast Guard chief reveals future requirements: OPVs, helicopters, fast patrol boats...

Rear Admiral Cecil R Chen is the Vice Commandant for Administration of the Philippine Coast Guard and concurrently the District Commander, Coast Guard District National Capital Region-Central Luzon. The area of his responsibility covers Manila Bay, Subic Bay and Laguna Lake. Rear Admiral Chen joined Defence IQ ahead of the Coastal Surveillance Asia conference where he is speaking in November... Which assets will the PCG seek to acquire over the next few years? Why is it important for you to add these capabilities? The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), in the Capacity Development of the Strategic Plan is prioritizing the acquisition of vital floating and air assets that will greatly enhance the performance of its mandated functions. Notably procurement proceedings are underway for the acquisition of ten (10) 40-meter Multi Role Response Vessel from Japan, one (1) 54-meter pre-owned naval vessel from France, and seven (7) Bell helicopters. Also in the pipeline is the procurement of

Construction begins on Royal Navy's new OPV

Construction of the UK Royal Navy’s second new Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) has begun, which was marked by a ceremony led by UK Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, at BAE Systems in Glasgow. Defence IQ reports.

Ireland receives first Samuel Beckett-class OPV

May 2014
The first Samuel Beckett-class offshore patrol vessel (OPV) was delivered to the Irish Naval Service (INS) recently in a £82 million deal...


OPV Procurement Map 2014 [Interactive]

View the latest (Summer 2014) offshore patrol vessel acquisition plans from across the international market. Simply scroll over the country to read more...


Offshore Patrol Vessels: Selected presentations from last year

May 2015
Download this compendium of selected slide presentations offered up at last year's OPV conference, featuring first-hand insight from Belgium, Finland, Ghana, Malta, New Zealand and the UAE. This research document also includes feedback from the NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Center (NMIOTC), EU NAVFOR Atalanta and Combined Maritime Forces (CMF).

Fassmer OPV2020 The art of Innovation

Fassmer OPV2020 The art of Innovation View more information by downloading here. 

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View a sample of the delegates attending in 2017

Take a look at an exclusive sample of those attending the Offshore Patrol Vessels Conference 2017!
OPV cover sample del list

OPV Global Market Report 2014

April 2014
Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) are the fastest growing segment of the Naval Vessels Market. At least 23 countries are known to have a total of 125 OPVs on order and 28 countries have plans for another 265 at a total value of over $57 Billion. The total number of OPVs on order has increased by 7% in the last year, while the number planned has also increased – by 40%. Read this year's updated complimentary report to gather an overview of known holdings, developments and requirements worldwide.

Global Offshore Patrol Vessels 2015-2016: Report

Offshore Patrol Vessels are the fastest growing segment of the Naval Vessels Market. At least 24 countries are known to have a total of 136 OPVs on order and 30 countries have plans for up to another 276 at a total value of over $60 billion. The total number of OPVs on order has increased by 4% in the last year, while the number planned has also increased by 4%. Read the full report for the latest holdings, future plans and developments on key national OPV programmes.

Global Offshore Patrol Vessels 2015: Active Programmes Map

This year’s Offshore Patrol Vessels event will bring together nations and services from across the world to discuss the latest operational challenges, equipment innovations and regional developments. This interactive map reveals the key active procurement and acquisition programmes and details some of the current and future plans for offshore patrol fleets among navies and coast guard. Scan the map to find countries of interest. Click on marked countries to reveal their programmes.


Sample Delegate List 2014

Find out who attended the 2014 summit...